Design and Technology

Please use this course to pick up all of the shared resources for the year 9 modules of work. 

Lesson 1 and 2 - Designers Research - choose two of the designers and research into their history and compile a fact file.

Lesson 3 - Create a mood board of images of iconic designs (to use to when creating a repeat pattern)

Lesson 4 - Creating a repeat pattern - either by PowerPoint, hand, 2d design.

Lesson 5 - Developing repeat pattern - backgrounds, fills, overlays, colour filters.

Lesson 6 and 7 - Using designers to influence future designing - Joseph and Joseph.  lesson 6 - sketching everyday items, lesson 7 Influenced by J and J. Finalise ideas.

Lesson 8 - Using designers to influence future designing - Heston Blumenthal. (maybe two lesson)

Lesson 9 -Using designers to influence future designing - fashion drawings.

Lesson 10 and 11 - Using designers to influence future designing - thumbnail sketching for Bauhaus phone holder and Lesson 11 modelling in 3d.

See information above for Year 7 course.

Please use this to up load all our power points work from for your lessons.

It has been chunked into lessons but the order can be changed if you need to do live lessons at certain times.

If you set it for your classes as an assignment, the pupils will be able to send their work back to you so that you can see their work.